FAQWe collected the most frequently asked questions below, enjoy!!

  • What's the MOQ ?

    The quantity for each model it's 1000pcs.the Minimum Order it's 5000USD

  • How long is the delivery date ?

    our delivery date it's 45Days .Some times it's depend on your order list and quantity we can make the urgent delivery date.

  • Where is your mainly Marketing?

    Until now ,our mainly marketing it's North Amercia ,South Amercia,Middle East .

  • What's your payment term?

    T/Tand L/C it's acceptable.

  • How can i become your agency?

    1.Submit application
    2.We will check your market agency status.if ok ,we will show your agency term
    3.After agree the term,we will invite your come to us have meeting and made the decide for agency .
    4.After it ,we will sign an agent contract for both.

  • If possible that i want your new products only sell to us in our marketing?

    This is possible ,We need to talk in detail.

  • What's the different between Flat wiper blade and Conventional Wiper blade?

    Flat Wiper utilize the latest technology in wiper blades for all season performance. Ice and snow can't adhere to a flat blade because they have less moving parts and no superstructure. Flat blades are more aerodynamic and have an infinite amount of pressure points for better blade to windshield contact.

    Conventional blades have a standard vented bridge that have been on vehicles for decades. They offer dependable performance for a clean, clear wipe.

  • What is a Hybrid wiper blade?

    Hybrid wiper blades integrate the aerodynamic features and all-weather efficiency of flat style blades with the precisely positioned pressure points of bridge blades for exceptional wiping performance. This technology represents an appealing new option for millions of consumers who want to upgrade to the latest design or match the performance of their vehicles' original equipment hybrid blades.